Retuning to Australia after many years away it was time to finish some of the job that were never completed during construction - some head liners and to rejuvinate some of the places that had either taken a battering or were looking a bit sad.  I started to do this in Batemans Bay Marina but the dodgey developers had turned the atmosphere toxic and many people were unhappy and complaining.  There was no negotiation take the changes or leave.  Some of us chose to talk but as I looked behind the scenes I found there were many non-compliance issues and many other things that are very sus.  In July when I was in Sydney I received a phone call to say my vessel was being towed out of the marina without my knowledge or consent.  And thus started an interesting episode in my life.  Visits to the NSW Parliment, communications with various Ministers and interviews with the press.  Soon the dominoes started to fall and we may again have our marina back.
With this distraction and having to move to Bermagui I could not just pop down to the boat and do a few hours work so the time dragged out and the miles in the speedo increased and the to-do list kept the same length but still I achieved some progress.
Still to do..

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