Our Adams Yacht Malua


The yacht was designed by Joe Adams, a renowned Australian designer with many years of practical experience. Joe designs both racing and cruising yachts. Malua is the latter. The hull and deck were constructed in GRP at the Bluewater yard in Cardiff near Newcastle, Australia. It was the 21st out of the mould and follows a number of Bluewater 400s finished by David Blackburn. Malua only went to the hull and deck stage at this yard before being removed for fit-out and completion in Canberra. I kept a very close eye on the construction of the hull and deck and spend many a day actively working with David's team. This was an advantage for me but led to many difficult situations in getting David to follow plans, instructions and specifications. The base specifications are the following. Look at the systems, features and the pictures of the hull photos during construction.

The construction detail is documented here...  while the detailed Specifications and Features here...  and the Equipment here...


Design  Joe Adams Engine Yanmar 50 Hp
Manufacture Hull Bluewater Yachts Generator Kubota 12 Hp
Fit Out Interior Camrod Marine Freeboard FWD 1.52 m
LOA 12.0 m Freeboard AFT 1.25 m
Measured Length 12.0 m Fuel Capacity 440 Litres
LWL 10.67 m Water Capacity 963 Liters
Beam 3.99 m Black Water Tank 150 Liters
Draft 1.99 m Mainsail area 36.3 m sqr
Displacement 13.11 tonnes Genoa 53.0 m sqr
Ballast 5 tonnes Staysail 5.2 m sqr

Here are some photos of Malua during construction, fit-out, shipping, inside, outside and while sailing here.....

Click on an image to enlarge.  Click here to see Malua at anchor in the Pacific and Mediterranean.

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The almost finished vessel

Many of these pictures have elements of the boat prior to completion - such as the fiddles.