Cruising the Meditarranean 2007 - 2011

Malua was shipped from Sydney Australia to Palma Majorka in March 2007.  The boat was off loaded from the vessel and we sailed away after stopping a few days to provision and to clean up after a long dirty voyage.  Our objective was to sail eastwards as fast as practicable then return to the west at a learserly pace over a number of years.  Below is our passage. Click on a heading to go straight to the page or scoll through to reach a particular cruising ground.

Cruising the Mediterranean 2007

Malua Track 

Malua was shipped from Sydney Australia on the deck of a Seven Sea freighter. We were sailing in the Pacific in February and then in the Mediterranean in March! From April until November we sailed eastwards enjoying the culture and people of the countries around the Med.  Before we arrived on board Malua I visited my UK relatives and spent a few days in London.

Our experience is chronicled in the follow sections:

Cruising the Mediterranean 2008

During the 2008 season we started off from Marmaris in Turkey and sailed north along the Turkish coast heading for Istanbul.  We visited some of the best ruins in the world.

Malua Track 2008 

The next few pages is the account of the trip north within Turkey.

From Turkey we sailed to the northern region of Greece.  The next few pages is the account of the trip through Northern Greece.

Cruising the Mediterranean 2009

2009 started in Marmaris Turkey where I prepared Malua for the season.  I then sailed alone to Kos in Greece to be met by Richard and Marita who wanted to do some serious sailing early in the season.  We sailed north towards Athens.  I dropped them off on an island to take the ferry and plane home while I continued on towards Athens.  Denny arrived at the end of May.  We sailed through the Corinth Canal to the Ionian and then the Aegean to Venice.
Through Greece    northern ionian  Croatia
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Cruising the Mediterranean 2010

Malua was wintered in Preveza in western Greece.  While the rest of Europe had a very bad winter with Britian under a blanket of snow the temperature i the boatyard only dropped to 6 degrees, however at the end of the year it rained so the water tanks on the Ionian islands are full.  Like previous years I arrived early to get the boat ready for the season.  Iain helped me because my shoulder was not quite right.  He left to travel in Europe and I sailed around the Ionian waiting for Denny.  We will sail to Corsica and western Italy

France and the French Canals 2011

The 2011 season will see Malua without a mast and travelling through the Franch rivers and canals.  Quite a change from the Southern Ocean but still in line with our dream of experiencing other cultures.

Read my blog to get a feeling for what we found and did.  Here ....... 

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