France 2011 - Returning Down the Soane and Rhone

This page is about our return down the Soane and Rhone after we had to turn back at Longres in sight of Paris. A more complete account of each town is given in the up stream page.  I will only mention relevant details. 

Auxonne PK233

Coming back to a spot is not the same the second time.  I have said previously that if I know my way around a town it was time to leave.  So now returning I know my way around it is harder to find new places to visit and new experiences.  The reverse is I know where to shop.

St Jean De Losne PK215

The barging capital of France.  It has one large marina with two charter companies.  It also has a very long pond that that is used by these companies to repair their vessels along with other steel barges.  On one side of this pond there is a hard and a few light boats have been craned out and sit on the hard.

The mooring in front of the town is shallow.

Seurre PK187

A nice town just downstream of the lock - only a 3.7m so easy.  The floating quay are very shallow on the upstream part but the three end ones are OK just dont get swept onto the island as you come off.

Verdun PK167 Doubs

This is at the confluence of the Soane and Doubs.  One can only travel up the Doubs 14km and nonstop but yet again it is too shallow for us.  The moorings are maintained by a family who run the cafe above the mooring

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