Welcome to the sailing yacht Malua and her master Harry Watson Smith and crew.

Malua is the culmination of my life-long dream to build a boat and sail into the sunrise,
visiting distant shores, and experiencing new cultures.

Where are we now?

Malua is at:  Bermagui Australia since end 2014 having crossed the Pacific. Back at home where we started a rejuvenation. Short cruise to Gippsland Lakes and Houl-out

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The built started in Cardif Australia about 2000 and was commisioned in 2004, Malua undertook an extensive cruise through the Pacific - New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, before being shipped to the Mediterranean in February 2007.  We sailed extensively throughout the Med and in year five we tried to pass through the rivers and canals of France to Paris but had to turn back.  In 2012 I sailed through Gibraltar to Portugal, Madeira, and Morocco before crossing the Atlantic from the Canaries to Barbados.  From there north through the Caribbean to Cuba and on to  the USA as far north as Rhode Island.  I put Malua on the hard in the Chesapeake Bay. In February 2014 I arrived back to find Malua covered in snow in Deltaville.  It was time to sail south to the warm waters of the Pacific and towards Australia. That would be the end of the world cruise.... for now.

After some internal work or rather rejuvenation and some on-land difficulties Malua was ready for a short summer cruise to Tasmania then the Pacific called again. In 2018 I sailed from Coffs harbour for New Caledonia where Denny joined me to sail in the French territories.  On to Fiji for race week and a haul-out then return to Australia.

2023 Cruise to Queensland

With the restrictions on COVID lifted and the world still in a bit of a mess it is appropriate to cruise the coast of Australia.  Malua is heading North to revisit Queensland and maybe spend more time in warmer weather.  Click here to see where we are...

2022 Cruise

COVID arrived and we were all locked down here in Australia but in April 2022 I sailed south past Gabo Island to Lakes Entrance to the Gippsland Lakes for a leasurly cruise. Here is a short description here...

Malua is now For Sale

My family tells me I an too old to continue to sail the oceans alone and I must settle down so Malua is for sale.  She is located in Bermagui but this web site will give you the details of her features and her strengths.  Go to the sale page here...

2018 - Pacific Islands - again

The southern winter has arrived and it is getting freezing in Canberra and cold at the coast so off we go again toward the warmer weather.  Not this year to the northern hemisphere but towards New Calidonia and the islands.  2017 I continued with the rejuvination of Malua and 2018 was spent on some near place cruises with the family.  Nick introduced Ruby to the boat while I let Theo drive the RIb and get to know the water again but as the coxswain.  He just loved that.
So May arrived and Malua started to move north.  Follow the cruise .....   read more ...

2017 - Return to Tasmania

Malua arrived back in Australian and moved into the Batemans Bay Marina. It had been taken over by dodge Sydney developers who viewed it as a water based car park.  The environment was toxic and many vessel left.  My departure was more drematic but that is a story in itself.  Malua is now in Bermagui Harbour Marina.  A great place with friendly people.  Since returning I have done an extensive rejuvenation see here. But it was time to go sailing again so I planned a trip to revist Tasmania as the family had done on the first shake down cruise.  The voyage did not quite go to plan and the famous Bass Straite took its toll.  I and Malua are built of sterner stuff so we came through that but .....     read more ...

2014 - USA Panama, Pacific and Home

Malua left the USA and headed south towards the Panama Canal leaving the snow behind.  The crossing of the Gulf stream had its moments but lack of wind forced me to motor to Cuba then on to the Panama.  The Canal and Galapagos were enjoyable.  I crossed the Pacific alone on a very fast passage.  A great sail.  Follow the progress.   read more ...

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