Cruising Australia and the Pacific

I have sailed north and south along the New South Wales coast in Alibi and on Malua.  Our home port is Batemans Bay which is a great place at the mouth of the Clyde River.  Just south is Malua Bay where we have a coast house.  Down load this file and load it into Google Earth to see pictures of Malua Bay where the vessel is moored.

Australian Cruises

Pacific Cruise

In 2004 we undertook a Pacific Cruise across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and home to Bundaberg.

Return to Tasmania 2017

The first cruise Malua undertook after the launch was to Tasmania.  The vessel was not finished and many systems needed to to completed.   Just to not fall into the same trap I spent many weeks during 2016 getting Malua ready.  Here is a short run down....
On this occasion I had already sailed 47,000 nm and knew Malua front to end and could handle any weather the Gods chose to put in our path which they did 50 nm west of Flinders Island in Bass Strait.

Here is the story.