Useful Links

I've spent some time looking at the web resources.  Here are a few useful links.

Cruisers Sites

Many cruising web sites that I have followed in the past are now out of date or have disppeared.
It is a great pity because the knowledge, advice and route they had on the web is now lost.
It seams to me that people have taken to moetise their efforst via Youtube.  Because I dont support that people make money from fellow cruisers I will not list them here

Cruising Areas

Oceania Map Here is a map of the Oceania or Pacific area
Noon Site for Sailors Jimmy Cornell valuable site of every country in the world
Cruising Guide to Vanuatu An electronic yachting guide to Vanuatu
Yachting World Vanuatu at Yachting World
Cruising New Caledonia Cruising New Caledonia
Pacific Web Guide A large collection of Pacific island links
Te Puna Web Directory A complete directory of Pacific websites
Island Cruising South Pacific Promotional site for this organisation
Opua in New Zealand Promotional site at Opua
Mediterranean Sea A site for yachting in the Mediterranean Sea

Cruising Resources

Noon Site The source of cruising information
Mother of all sailing Links The title is what it is
Sail World Sailing world including Australia. Some good links
HF-FAX Weatherfax and more information. Very detailed
Prime time shortwave radio English Language Shortwave broadcast schedule
Seven Star yacht transport A great company who will transport your yacht across the sea.
Marine Radio Net A great site for marine radio networks.
Boat Diesel All there is about marine diesels
Latitude 38 a Mag - We go where the wind blows

Weather Resources

Real Surf The best surfing site in the world with great links to weather sites.
Seabreeze Weather Forecast - South Coast Australia
NSW Forecast Coastal Waters Forecast for New South Wales Australia
Australian Bureau of Met Great Australia Met Service - Over estimates wind speed
Buoy Weather Buoy Weather. Great site and good. Small subscription
Oz Tides Tidal Information for Australia
New Zealand Weather New Zealand Met Service
World Weather Web Sites A mine of weather web sites
Saildocs Free weather GRIBs
USA Gov Weather NOAA marine weather
Passage Weather World regional weather charts
Ground based world weather World weather, not that accurate
American wind info Very local wind information
Buoy data for world American buoy data around the world. OK
Ocean surface wind Lots of weather information

Marine Sites

Michael Briant Web resources
Afloat Afloat Mag
The Pardey's site Good advice at a price
Sailmail e-mail e-mail over SSB
Panbo electronics A marine electronics site with experience
Equipped Commercial survival equipment and review
Tide Prediction Free tide predictions but not always right
Mahina - pay to sail Mahina Expeditions, sailing and navigation training expeditions
Tooluka - pay to sail High Latitude sailing in a group. Good site

Government Web Sites

Oz Notice to Mariners Australian Hydrographic Service - Notices to Mariners
Maritime Australian NSW Maritime Authority
AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Customs Australian Customs Service
USA Coast Guard USA Coast Guard Web Information