Harry has been messing around in boat most of his life.  The boat that he has built or been in are pictured in Sailing Experience

Denny has been sailing with me since we met in the late 60's.  We sailed all around Cape Town and she came out on the abalone boat in the sea off Gordon's Bay.  She introduced the children to sailing soon after their birth when we sailed on the Vaal river dam south of Johannesburg.

Denny has not undertaken an ocean crossing but jets in to enjoy the destinations.  During all of this time we have spend quite a long time on Malua and have experienced some extreme sailing on the west coast of Tasmania in the southern ocean and on the eastern coast of Australia.  She is far more competent and experienced than she will admit!

Other Crew

A number of friends have crewed on Malua since she was launched.  Have a look at them.  Past crew on Malua