Mediterranean 2009 - 6 Greece - Haul Out

After Returning from Mentenegro we sailed into Corfu water at the start of a storm.  It was crowded and not very nice.  After a few tries to anchor at ??? we went further south to a large beach and managed to find a place to drop the anchor in a secure spot.  We stayed here for a few days before returning to Corfu and anchoring to the south of the old fort.  It is quite exposed but is very convenient to the town and markets.

On leaving Greece for point further north Argos of Sydney and ourselves were given the run around with misinformation about clearing out at the marine.  It cant be done.  When we arrived at the new port we struggled to find the right office and as usual the officials we not very interested in yachts.  They would not stand our Australian passports as exiting Greece.  So we changed our destination  and reluctantly they stamped it.  On entering I went to the same office but the official would not stamp the form and insisted I purchase a new cruising permit obtainable only in the city.  I turned on my heels and decided to check in at a different port.

That night the wind got up and put us on a lee shore.  A outcome we had planned for but not expected.  We left a bit earlier than we wished and sailed eastwards towards the Greek mainland port of Igoumenitsa.  The cruising guide is not correct but we soon established that the new ferry terminal is where the port authorities offices are.  They were very friendly and efficient stamping a new cruising guide right on the spot.  You can tie up your RIB against the ferry dock and climb the high wharf if you do not wish to walk.

Sailing south we pulled into Platoria and anchored off the beach.  Unfortunately the charter fleet were in town so there were no place in the marina which we did not mind.  We left the following morning and had a delightful sail to Lakka with Steel Magnolia.

Lakka is a small bay and always full of cruisers and the charter fleet.  We wind had come up so the out part of the bay became quite rolly so we moved in towards the quay and managed to find a spot with sufficient swing room.  Steel Magnolia also moved but being a large steel vessel people tend to keep away from them!

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Here are some photos Late Greece Haul out 

After putting Malua on the hard we flew back to Australia for another summer to return to Europe in 2010.
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