Mediterranean 2009  - Greece, Italy Croatia and Venice and back to Greece

I flew from Australia on Virgin Atlantic to London then to Turkey to find Malua in shipshap form.  This was going to be one of the best season we could have.
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Turkey Launch here ....
Early Greece here...
Greece Mykinos and Tinos here...
Late Greece here...
Land travel in Italy here...

Marmaris to Athens

After putting Malua in the water at the end of the northern winter, I left Marmaris
and sailed directly to Greece on my way north to Athens.

During this voyage I stopped at a number of islands.  

Chart of Malua track Click for enlargement

Read more about the cruise north:

Athens, Gulf of Corinth and Patras

Denny arrived in Athens and joined Malua at the port of Lavrion.
We then sailed past Cape Sounion westwards to the Corinth Canal
and into the Gulf of Corinth and further west through the Gulf of Patras.

Route through GreeceClick for enlargement

The next few pages describe the trip westwards.

Northern Ionian Sea and Corfu

After leaving the Gulf of Patras, we sailed through the Ionian islands
to Corfu for a few days, then checked out of Greece. 

norther ionianClick for enlargement

Corfu to Vieste in Italy for some land travel

We decided to sail to Italy and leave Malua in a marina for a week or so to do some land travel.  The east coast is not very marina friendly but we found a great marina at Vieste.  From there we traveled by bus and train to the northern part of Italy for a few wonderful day.

Included in this section is our trip via Malua to Venice and Ravenna.  In Venice we anchored in the lagoon alongside the island of Burano and took the ferry into Venice - just 20 minutes away.

We then went to Croatia and on to Venice


We arrived from Vieste in Italy after a very smooth passage, checked in then
started to sail north through Croatia on our way to Venice. The anchorages
were difficult due to bad holding but the beautiful scenery more than made
up for it.  Sadly, the money grabbing nature of the people towards yachties
spoils it for many cruisers.

Croatia RouteClick for enlargement

From here we visisted Venice and then returned to Croatia

Montenegro and haul out

We were pleased to leave Croatia and visit Montenegro.  We stopped at a
super-yacht marina that that was free of charge while being developed.  We could
stay as long as we liked.  What a change.  The people were friendly and the environment
stunningly beautiful.  The free berths were like a magnet for other yachts so we met up
with many of our cruising friends.  We had a great time.  Sailing south to Corfu from there
we went straight into a terrible electrical storm.

Our winter haul out is at Preveza.  Of the three yards available we chose the Preveza Marina because they seemed friendly.  The experience was very easy but the location is not easy to get too inexpensively. 

Mediterranean Cruise 2010

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