Cruising Turkey

We had a lovely cruise in the last few weeks through the Greek island with Alpha on board but we were ready to move to another country.  We cleared customs and changed flags and sailed into Turkish waters.  Our first stop was Marmaris to book a place for Malua during the winter.  The Yot Marina is a huge facility very well run.  There mission is to have the largest and cheapest yacht marina in Turkey.  I am sure they achieved that.  The place was filled bu the time we arrived in October with cruisers ready to put their yacht on the hard or to reserve a place in the marina for their winter layover.

We picked up some good tips from the old timer one of which I received too late and that was not to deal with the local "customs" person who is only an agent not the real thing.  I had no trouble but other were given a hard time.

Richard arrived from the UK for ten days of cruising.  We collected him from the town and set off the next day to sail along the coast.  What a great cruising ground.  The best in the world for places to stay.  The water is very deep so you have to through out a lot of chain and go stern to the shore.  In some places there are bollards set in the ground for you to secure to.  It keeps the vessels spaced but does not ensure that all around you have sufficient scope in their anchors if the wind comes in from the side.

After too short a period it was time for Richard to go back to the grind stone of Britain.  We sailed south into the worst storm of this expedition.

I packed up Malua in Marmaris at the end of the season.  I returned in 2008. Follow our trip in 2008.