Charter Malua

The vessel Malua was currently in New South Wales Survey for 2C for six persons out to sea up to 30 nautical miles from sheltered waters.  It also has 2D which is 12 persons and 2 crew day charter sheltered waters and 4E for 12 persons with seven sleeping.

The survey procedure was undertaken during the building of the vessel.  The plans, layout and weight distribution had to be tested.  The surveyors looked at the hull construction, material, lay-up thickness of hull and the method of application.  During the fit out the surveyor visited the yacht and inspected the method of construction, the engine, drive shaft, and all the hoses and through hull fittings. The final inspection looked at the safety equipment, radios, signs and access.  It was comprehensive, thorough and at times rather long winded.  A complete stability test had to be undertaken on the vessel under the supervision of the NSW Waterways.  These measurements were then used in the calculation to determine the weight of the vessel and the stability index.  Finally the vessel was inspected out of the water for the last time - the third out of water inspection after completion and launching.  At last, after paying the outstanding fees, the certificates were issued.

You may charter Malua for a day sail, for a week-end or join the skipper on one of the organized cruises.  The cost varies according to the location, duration and the number of people.  We have lots of fun, so join us and fulfil your dream of sailing into the sun rise.

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