Adams Features

The hull is of a medium to heavy displacement type, which has a Lwl/Displ ratio of 255. The hulls stability is derived from buoyancy amidships with a 40.35% ballast ratio and almost 4m of beam. The vessel has SA/Displ ratio of 18.5 which is within the cruiser/racer category. The construction conforms with Australian USL NSW Waterways survey requirements. The hull is of a solid GRP lay-up with a hull thickness from 11 mm on the topsides progressively getting thicker to 26mm around the keel. Topsides total 5400g ‑ 4200g chopped strand, plus 2 layers of 600 biaxial. Centreline/Keel total 9600g ‑ 7200g chopped strand plus 4 layers 600 biaxial.


The deck is foam cored ranging in thickness from 28‑32mm to give maximum stiffness on the foredeck and coach roof which is reinforced with GRP deck beams complying to NSW survey requirements. Laminate: 4200 g total with 2 layers of 601g biaxial. Core Material: cockpit, foredeck, roof - 20mm foam. Cockpit sole, winches - 18mm plywood. Side decks, roof 3‑4 layers - 3 mm coremat.


A lead keel casting of 4,500kg is fitted internally within the integrated hull and keel. It is fibre glassed into this area

Mast step

The mast compression post is made from a 100mm stainless steel box section with 12mm load distribution plates which are bolted to three mast step bearers and the mast base. The chainplate knees 50 x 12 mm 316 s/s with 3 mm s/s backing plates. 25 mm plywood. 4200g CSM laminate and glassed as an integral part of the hull. Split backstay is bolted through transom. Forestay attached to bowcap. Inner forestay attached to collision bulkhead.

Water and holding Tank

The 325 and 388lt integral water and a 400lt black water holding tank are built into the hull and beneath the sole to increase stability and capacity. They are protected by two coats of clear epoxy followed by three coats of a non‑tasting food grade epoxy tank lining. A 250lt 2.5mm stainless steel drinking water tank further supplements the water carrying capacity.

Fuel tank

There are two diesel tanks – a 182lt stainless steel under the sole and a 258lt under the port berth. The tanks are 2.5mm thick stainless steel pressure tested with fuel outlet drawn from a sump which is drained and cleaned as part of regular maintenance. The fuel passed through two Racor 5micron filters plus the engines normal fuel filter. The 50hp Yanmar diesel used only 2.5 lt per hour at 2200rpm which gives a 1000mm range at 6 knots.

Steering skeg and rudder

Drag link system ‑ 3 shaft bearings. Bronze lower bearing. Delrin middle bearing glassed 3600g CSM. Machined housing incorporates lip seal, roller bearing race which takes rudder load. The skeg hung rudder has 5 x 6mm tangs welded around the 50mm rudder shaft and internally integrated into the rubber construction. Rudder stops prevent excessive turning.


The mast section is double spreader IM23R section (230*160RCB 6061T6) with mast taper. The batten cars are Antal size 40. The rigging is made from 316 stainless steel 1 x 19 wire. Wire sizes are: Forestay -10mm, Inner Forestay - 7mm, Fore and aft lowers - 10mm, Cap shroud - 10mm, Intermediate - 8mm, Twin Backstay - 8mm, Running Backstay - 7mm

Stainless steel work

All above deck stainless components are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. The Pulpit, pushpit arch, stanchions, handrails and chainplates are all welded and polished. All stanchions and railings are 1 inch tubing with 5mm plate bases fastened with 4 x 10mm stainless steel bolts.

Engine and shaft

4 cylinder, freshwater cooled, 50 hp Yanmar direct drive 2.64:1. 80 amp alternator. Engine beds: Seasoned hardwood.
Shaft: 316s/s.1 ½” Keyways fore and aft. Bronze propeller skeg laminated 4200g CSM. 18 " Autoprop folding three blade propeller. Polyflex flexible coupling connects shaft to engine. PSS dripless shaft seal is used. Exhaust high riser fitted to fibreglass water lock muffler. Fiberglass and flexible rubber exhaust hose to outlet. Raw water inlet filter is connected to bronze through hull with external guard.

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