A good fridge/freezer is an essential piece of equipment on a cruising yacht.  The most important element is obviously the insulation.  It has to be thick - at least 6 inches.  Then comes the compressor which should be water-cooled because in the tropics the air temperature is so high it is almost the same as the plates to be cooled.  The split between the fridge and freezer is an interesting question because on short trips the fridge is important especially with fresh fruit and vegetables, however on a long trip the freezer is more important. As always, on a boat there are compromises.  I spent a lot of time building the unit and filling the space with insulation foam.  The fridge works well with the freezer, keeping the food at below 10 degrees C.   It uses 12-volt power so the solar panels keep it going when no one is aboard.  This is important when touring on land.

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