Bathroom - Head

The bathroom is the largest component within the interior of Malua.  It is made of fibreglass to make it waterproof from the inside and to have a good look and feel.  Because the deck was bonded onto the hull before the vessel left Bluewater Yachts in Cardiff the module had to be made in three pieces to get down the companionway!  I contracted out the construction of the mould and the construction of the three pieces.  The person had never made such a piece before and required significant direction.  Max the cabinet maker who made the wooden mould is one of the most innovative people I have had the pleasure to work alongside.  He built a wonderful three piece mould to a standard not seen on a Bluewater yacht. We sprayed the mould with yellow enamel paint then laid up the fibreglass on to the mould.  When it had gone-off we took the pieces apart.  The joins were near perfect and the three pieces passed through the companionway entrance and assembled in their designed place.
From there came the polishing of the interior surface and the panelling on the outside.  The curved panels to suit the smooth flow of the interior was a challenge but it came out looking well.

The next logical step was the freezer here...

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