Hard Dodger Construction

After sailing in the tropics where the rain is very heavy I decided that a canvas dodger was just not waterproof enough plus when the wind really blows it shakes like a tree branch.  The solution was to build a hard dodger.  The best I have seen is on a van de Stadt Samoa design like Beth Leonard's Hawk.  All the rest looked like add-ons.  I realized I did not have the talent of van de Stadt and I was adding on to an existing setup with jammers, instruments and boom travellers. 

I made a stupid decision to cooperate with a person building an Adams in Newcastle.  Mistake - big time.  Well I finally took the mould and dodger back to Canberra and finished it as best I could plus installing the polycarbonate windows.  This was all undertaken with the clock ticking as the sailing deadline drew closer.

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