Malua has more than enough amp hours of battery to maintain the systems and I invested in the very best batteries available at the time. I started six Sonnenschein 6 volt 200Ah connected in parallel and series.  There is also a 12 volt 85Ah Sonnenschein starter battery.  They are both gel construction which will work underwater and require no distilled water or maintenance but after 12 years of almost continious use it was time to replace them before setting off on a long cruise.  I had organised in Deltaville to have six 6 volt replacements and paid the money.  When I arrived back in the USA the money had gone and there were no batteries so I set about sourceing identical ones.  The importer unfortunatly only had four so not wanting to wait four months I took them.

OK six large heavy batteries out from under the bunk up the conpanionway steps over the side and downn to the freezing ground below.  A block and tackle and a power winch did the trick then up the new ones come.  Dis they fit... yes exactly so connect them up and then look around for 240 voly AC to charge them because as you know the USA is 110 volt.  No luck  so I had to wait till I got the generator working to charge the new bank.

In Panama the starter battery deceided that it would not put enough power into the starter to reliably start the Yanmar so that wa dumped and I set about getting a new battery.  Unfortunatly that was not as good as my Sonnenshein and in  November 2015 I replaced that with a new  Optima gel battery.  We will see how that goes.

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