Cleaning Water and Fuel Tanks

While sailing in many different countries there is always the chance that one picks up some dirty fuel either with particles in it or with water.  I always  keep the tanks full so their is no  condensation however it sometimes happens and it did in the middle of Bass Strait that the engin stutered and stopped.  I immediatly changed to the alternative fuel tank and the second filter.  Well that got me going but it ment that the tanks needed cleaning.

No worries I have big inspection hatches and easily accessable tanks but how to get rid of the contaninated fuels.  On returning to Bermagui I transfered the fuel to a 44 gal drum and a number of 20 l plastic containers.  Clean out the excess.  Tip in some diesel doctor and swill it around and wait then drain the liquid.  Then two litres of methylated spirits to take out the water and to refill.

The water tank also needed cleaning so I did it the same time.  The photos show the construction and how clean it is.

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