Mould, Headliners and Hatches

After spending time in the tropics and the high humidity and heat it is inevitable that mould grows on all surfaces not receiving attention.  Most vessels that spend time in these conditions dont know what is behind their headliners but on Malua you can get to see behind all panels and what did I see was mould. Yes lots of mould which with a spray, vinager and other formulae one can get rid of it.  Having removed the mould I then had to replace the panels and in some cases put up the panels I never got round to cutting before we set off.  This was a challenge but has now been completed.
Next came the hatch surrounds which had taken quite a lot of water and needed a revarnish.  I also built a replacement cockpit table with an extention.  The hardest part was setting in the hindges.
I also replaced all the polycarbonate in the portlights.  Now that was a challenge because the aluminium had corroded with the stainless steel and the rubber while still good was not easy to remove.  In the end with lots of patience and some effort all the portlights have new cystal clear polycarbonate.
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