Generator Renewal

Hand in hand with a great bank of batteries are methods of charging the batteries.  Malua has a number.  The alternator on the Yanmar, the solar panels, the D400 wind generator and finally the purpose built 13Hp Kubota diesel motor that is directly connected to a 150 Amp Leese Neville alternator.  This puts out lots of power that is controlled by a smart regulator. 
It is housed aft of the main engine.  It unfortunatly is in the same area as the aft cockpit locker and in heavy seas the salt water comes into the area.  This unfortunatly has caused some superficial damage to the generator and the alternator and the wiring.  So when I returned to Australia I had to remove the generator and work on rejuvenating this system.  The challenge was to remove the generator over the main engine.  I had to remove the water heater and then lift the generator over the main engine then man handle it out the companion way and onto the dock.  With the help of same friends we achieved that.  Back to Canberra workshop.
Why the system would not run conistently was a challenge and when I sought advice from a diesel mechanic they would not come up with a solution but to say the head was damaged.  I took off the head.  All good as was the rings but then I deceided to change the rings and the head gasket.  This was done and the focus believe it or not changed to the electrical set up to start the generator and to keep the engine running under load.  I needed to replace the relatively long starter cables from the starter battery to the generator with large welding wires suitably terminated.  Next came the Leese Neville alternator which is direct connected to the Kubota.  I was able to purchase a suitable Leese Neville alternator but needed to modify the wireing so the smart regulator can control the output.  A snip and a crimp was all that is required.
After a coat of paint and a few hours running-in it was time to move the generator back in to the boat.  This was done and into the space behind the main engine.  After a few hours of work I pressed the starter button and it fired up and we have 120 amps of energy going into batteries.  Great out come.

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