2014 Across the Pacific Vanuatu

Malua was checked out and I was about to leave when Dr John on Kika arrived.  What a great person and time we had in the short time we had together.  I left the next day for a four day passage to Port Vila.  The wind did not keep up and I would not have made it by 4:30 on Friday so I decided to divert to Luganville and checkin there on the day after the Monday public holiday.  I saw some RON dancing.

The s/s Preident Coolridge is the best modern wreck I have dived on.  It hit one of its own mines and sank right at the sea shore.  You wade into the water and can scuba down to the stern of the ship at 70m.  I have dived it before but could only cover some of the more accessible parts but this time I had a great dive guide and I saw all those things on the must do lisy.  It was a great experience.

The balance of the time was great.

"This is Malua in Malua Bay"  rather cool to say on the mornings net.  I got the opportunity to do just that when I visited Malua Bay on the island of Malakula.  I talked to the pupils at the school and gave then five bags of my and Denny's cruising t shirts, dresses and other things. That was an experience I will remember for many years.  They where so grateful.

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