2012 Atlantic Preparations

Malua is still at 28:07.84N 15:25.48W at Las Palma on 19/11/2012

Over the last few days be have received 12 kg of various cuts of meat beautifully vacuum bagged and frozen from the butcher JP Rosper on the ground floor of the market.  I am about to turn the stewing steak and mince into preprepared meals.  We also purchased fruit and veg from the stalls in the market.  We spread the risk of getting a bad lot by not buying a single type (lemons) from one supplier.  We have 20 lemons from 4 suppliers.  Hopefully they will last the distance.  We did that with potatoes, onions, red and green tomatoes and all the other vegetables we need.  There was however one bad apple in the lot so we had to eat that today!
The citrus and cabbage, cauliflower are no hanging in a string hammock in the main saloon while the onion are in a dark bag away from the potatoes which do have to see the light not to sprout.
Yesterday I finally got the generator to work with the new impeller - purchased locally, and I installed the membrane in the water-maker and I made my first fresh water from the sea.  I only made 20 l but that took 20 minutes so it looks as if we will have more than enough water on the passage.  Having been at anchor for a week the batteries are low so we will have to run the gen and motor before we go to recharge the reserves.
The weather forecast looks good.  I listened to a westward net on 8131 at 0830 UTC.  Three vessels checked in on passage towards the Cape Verde.  They have had good winds over the stern and the sea has been flat.  I just hope that lasts over the next few days.
Today the last of the fuel and water from the Marina, then lift the RIB on to the deck and we will be off just after first light tomorrow.