Other Adams Yacht

The yacht was designed by Joe Adams.  David Bradburn purchased a mould of the 40ft and started to make yachts in Sydney.  For some reason he moved to Cardiff and set up a factory to build these yachts under the name Bluewater.  The original design was known as a Naut 40.  Davis extended the hull to put a suger scoop on the transom which extended the length to 42ft.  This put the length over 12 meters which put it in the big vessel category for NSW survey requiring the skipper to have a Master 5 certificate.  It was the most expensive 3 inches added to any vessel.

Here are some of the last vessel David built before he sold the mould due to lack of orders and other factors.

Here is a story about Malua being stolen 1888  Read here.....

Adams Bluewater 40ft Yachts