Our Sailing Tracks


The picture below outlines the route we took while on a cruise in the Pacific.

Malua in Pacific


We set off from Palma to sail east, through the Spanish islands on to Corsica then across to Italy at Rome. On south to Sicily then to Greece and the Greek Islands.

We arrived at Pylos in the Peloponnese the went north to Olympia. Again south to Kalamata and on to Monemvassia. West again into th Cyclades and through the island. Finally reaching Kos and Rhodes. Then onto Turkey to leave Malua at Marmaris for the winter.

Greek island route

During 2008 we travelled north from Marmaris through the Sea of Marmara to Istanbul right to the Black Sea then back through the Dardenels to northern Greece in the Halkidiki. The final leg was through the Greek island back to Turkey for the winter.


In 2009 we travelled through the Greek Islands and then the Corinth Canal to go west to Italy where we did some land travel the on to Croatia and to Venice for the Art Biannually. South again along Italian coast and on to the hard in Previca in Greece.

2010 saw me sail in the western Greek island before going west to Sicily.  Then north along the Italian coast to Sardinia and Corsica where we spent a month.  Then Elba and the Italian and french Riviera.  West to France and the boat on the hard at Port Nepolian at Port St Louis de Rhone.

The great challenge to get to Paris in Malua began in 2010 with the mast down and many fenders on the side.  We reached Lyon with ease then into the Saone before entering the real canals of France.  Almost within sight of the Eiffel tower we ran out of water and could go no further - it was just too shallow.  We turned back and had a very enjoyable cruise with the stream back to Port St Louis du Rhone.

The last time in the Mediterranean was preparing for the Atlantic crossing.  I left France to visit the Spanish med coast the Balearic and then Gibralta.

The  Atlantic Crossing was from the Canaries to Barbados.
Atlantic One   Atlantic Two

From here I sailed up the Caribbean island Chain.
Carribean 3  Caribbean 4

Then to Cuba>
Cuba 1   Cuba 2

From there to the USA.
USA 1  USA 3

USA 5  USA 7

Click here to open a page with our daily abbreviated log with notes of where we anchored and the trip to the destinations. The lat long is the spot when we dropped anchor.

A web page of pictures shows many of our anchorages. Pictures Anchorages
While here are a few picture of more anchorages click here...