Current Cruise 2014

Under Construction

The current Cruise 2014 has not started but here is the plan.
Put the boat in the water in Deltaville in February 2014.  It will be cold so I wont spend too much time there.  As soon as Malua is ready I will sail south either on the outside of Cape Hatteris or through the ICW the across the Gulf Stream to the east of the Bahamas to stop in at a few islands.  Then south again to Cuba for a few days and again south.  The exact route will be determined by the weather  but the destination is the Panama Canal to traverse in March.
Once through the canal it will be Galapagos for a short stay before setting off to the Marquesus Islands, French Polinesia and onto Fiji and OZ.

I'll keep this web site upto date when I can get bandwidth if not follow my Blog here...

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